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Not Your Average Styling Product

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To get the perfect hair style you need to have healthy hair which begins with a nourishing and gentle shampoo and conditioner. Hair that is dry, damaged and frizzy will never be able to achieve style perfection.

Healthy hair will appear flawless and pristine when further enhanced with styling products such as a hair serum. Hair styles hold best in cooler and dryer environments but in reality our hair is more likely to be exposed to humidity, pollution and other external aggressors. AMA flower hair oil serum works to seal the cuticle, replace lost lipids and lock in moisture. The lightweight non-greasy oils add shine while protecting against damage throughout the day. It is the perfect finishing touch for your everyday look yet can deliver the sleek and ultra shine needed to achieve the Glass Look. To get the glass-like finish, work a few drops of AMA flower hair oil through the lengths and ends of your hair.

Amarante has another unique styling product that is sure to become a staple in your styling regime. The AMA Dual Revitalizing Mist is the newest way to dry cleanse. It is a light, refreshing mist perfect for those in between wash days. A few mists and your hair’s bounce, shine and manageability is restored. Think of it as giving yourself a mini shampoo wash and conditioning while on-the-go!

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