The Key to Longer Lasting Colour and Shine

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People who colour their hair usually have their best hair days right after their visit to the salon. This is because every strand has become a fresh display of vibrant colour, bright highlights and healthy shine. The beginning of the hair cycle is considered the ‘honeymoon period.’ As time passes, colour begins to fade and shine begins to dull. Shampooing, sunlight, heat, salt and chlorine water all contribute to colour loss.


This is why a quality colour care system is so important. Many of these products help to slow the rate of colour fade, but few can help you maintain that ‘salon’ look. The ideal colour care system will protect your colour and shine in every step of your routine – from shampoo and conditioner to leave-in and styling.

Ingredients that Help Preserve Colour and Shine

Mild surfactants – The right blend of mild surfactants in a shampoo can minimize colour fading. Steer clear from anionic surfactants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), which are stripping and facilitate the loss of colour molecules.

Polymers – Colour treatments such as oxidative dyeing will remove the hydrophobic layer from the hair surface. Without a hydrophobic surface, dye molecules leach out faster from hair fibers during typical shampoo and conditioning. Polymers restore a hydrophobic shield, aiding in the preservation of color vibrancy and significantly reducing leakage of colour molecules.

Hydrolyzed proteins and amino acids – They replenish the peptides and polysaccharides of damaged hair, improving combability and manageability. Damaged hair is repaired and less porous allowing it to lock in colour better.

Antioxidants – They protect natural hair lipids from oxidation, which keeps the cuticles healthy for improved colour retention. They also protect the hair from environmental stresses that cause

UV inhibitors – They reduce the effects of harmful UV rays that lead to fading.

We made sure to cover every category on this checklist when designing Amarante’s Colour Obsession line of products. When using this advanced system of colour protection your hair can look vibrant and feel healthy for your entire hair cycle.

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