The transformative power of Amaranth flower and its hair benefits

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Amaranthus hypochondriacus plant (Amaranthos, Greek word that means “flower that never fades“) has been used as nutritional and medicinal source in America and Europe for more than 8.000 years dating back at least to the Mayan civilization of South and Central America. It was a staple of the Aztecs and incorporated into their religious ceremonies.

This herbaceous annual with upright growth habit, cultivated for both its seeds which are used as a grain and its leaves which are used as a vegetable or green. Both leaves and seeds contain protein of an unusually high quality and much more than quinoa which is now mainstream. The grain is milled for flour or popped like popcorn. The leaves of both the grain and vegetable types may be eaten raw or cooked. Amaranths grown principally for vegetable use have better tasting leaves than the grain types.
Amaranth flower is rich in antioxidants; polyphenols and flavonoids, that maintains healthy hair and natural movement. professional hairdressers assessed certain hair parameters before and after the application of products with the extracts of this unique flower and noticed significant improvements in hair’s nutrition, brightness, smoothness, moisturization, oiliness of hair, residue feeling, malleability, hair lightness (loose hair), and stringiness.


The origin of our name Amarante is also stems from the ancient Greek times, in which the Amaranth plant represented an imaginary, undying flower. From the beginning, the essence of this symbol served as the primary force behind our pursuit of our lifetime passion, finding solutions to both complex and common hair care problems. AMARANTE places value on providing a liberating, world-class experience in which individuals will gain the benefits of the Amaranth flower for years to come.

We have put all the beneficial part of this exquisite flower in every and each of our well-crafted products boosted by many other innovative ingredients that can benefit hair and its structure. Our philosophy ensures that the methods used set priority on sourcing these safe and highly effective ingredients for your hair in the most ecologically friendly manner. If you want your hair to benefit of the healing power of Amaranth flower, give our products a try!

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